Dave O’Flaherty collaborates with Photographer Jon Downs to produce a powerful artistic work, TWELVE.

This is O’Flaherty’s second piece of work and he pulls no punches after his groundbreaking debut collaboration the successful “Tree 🌲 and the Three Rivers” Exhibition highlighted the talents of Photographer Mike Howlett as recently as ten days prior to the start of TWELVE.

“Once I knew the Tree 🌲 and the Three Rivers was going to be well received in artistic circles and more importantly by the local public at large, it was important to press on with my next project. Jon Downs attended the closing night event of the exhibition where we met. I saw his work and it took one meeting two days later to get him onboard as portrait Artist photographer for this challenging work.
I’m very proud that we’ll be producing this major project together.”

Vera Chierico


TWELVE will give a stunning insight into the people who call Felixstowe and the Deben Peninsula (and beyond) home.

Each individual is a colourful character with something to say. O’Flaherty unearths their extraordinary stories and illuminates them in his account of their conversation. The skill and experience of Downs’ photography will capture a portrait of the subject, while O’Flaherty’s prose will paint a colourful and powerful canvas of each person.

But it’s the words and stories of the characters themselves that will paint all the pictures of this powerful project.

Month by month as the winter turns to spring to summer to autumn and back to winter, we will build up a detailed record of interviews and images of these unsung characters who put so much into the community quietly and unnoticed in many cases.

Enjoy the humour of each month’s characters as they tell their tales in their own words.
In the process, the collection of characters will have built up into a fascinating and complex anthology of stories and anthropology, images and portraits. Some accounts will be blunt, brutal, heart wrenching and sobering. But always from the heart.

By the final month O’Flaherty and Downs will have travelled from winter through each and every beautiful season and back again to winter.

Then Downs and O’Flaherty will bring together the entire work as one in a major exhibition to take place in Felixstowe in January 2025.
First interview has taken place and will be published shortly.

This month Vera Chierico, coming soon.
TWELVE watch the seasons come and go and watch the project grow as an artistic masterpiece.

Author: Dave O’Flaherty
Photographer & Editor: Jon Downs